We are a Youtube MCN (Multi Channel Network). We have an exhaustive spread of creative endeavours. The Silly Monks creative team works towards creating interesting and innovative new content, including videos, music and movie based entertainment. We also keep our radars on to spot new talent and give them the break they truly deserve. Through inventive reprocessing and web optimization, we ensure the visibility and accessibility of our content. We also have trained professionals who maximize the profit and track unauthorised content duplication.

On the Mobile & Devices front, Silly Monks assures complete entertainment. Silly Monks is one of the leaders in the Mobile Entertainment and Value Added Services (VAS). Since inception, the business has gained expertise in Mobile Content, Mobile Marketing, WAP and Mobile Media. The key to our success in this area lies not only in a robust distribution network, but also market intelligence for various genres of content. Silly Monks aggregates, customizes, and deploys content both in audio and video format for mobile carriers, devices, and music stores both in India and in world market.